Are you battling with self-doubt, striving to live bold & tired of trying to keep everyone else in your life happy? Let me tell you my story.

 My name is Hayley Ryan and I am a Movement & Mindset Coach.

I started personal training in 2005 and after about 3 years at it, it became increasingly aware to me that I was helping my clients physically but when it came to their emotional health & mindset, I had limited skills. I then studied Life Coaching & Counselling and went through an internal transformation myself from which I have never been the same. I learnt how to overcome self-doubt, live bold, take more risks and not care so much what others thought about me.

Fueled by my own internal transformation, I started to impact ladies around me for the better. They started to act bold, have more self-confidence, self-esteem & not care what others thought.  So now that is what I do, every day, every session. I help ladies take more risks, reach their goals faster and care less about what others think or expect from them! 

 How do I do this? I started learning & researching  the intricate link between Movement & Mindset in my teens & 22 years later I am still as passionate about it . I have put my life’s work & passion into Coaching ladies physically, mentally & emotionally to overcome limiting thoughts & behaviours. 

My goal in all my Mindset Coaching Sessions, is to help you discover & deal with the reasons you are not bold & brave, and then move you forward to being your BEST.

 I do this by first getting to know where you are at, and then purposefully and intentionally helping you move forward one step at a time. We meet every 2 weeks (via Zoom during Lockdown) and the sessions are ALL about you. I offer a non-judgmental, empathetic listening ear that will be the safe space you need to grow & move into the Best Version of Yourself.


“You’ve brought so much to my life both personally and fitness-wise” – Laurene Viljoen


“You work with individuals, get them to own their abilities and bring them out”. – Natalie Ritson

 “You are passionate, disciplined, genuine, trustworthy & wise”. – Megan Seymour

“I have never worked with a more motivating Coach and I will never work with any other. You always put your clients first and always have their best interests at heart – you ROCK!” – Kim Anderson


Are you ready to break free?

  Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to break free & become the BEST you can be? Then join me for an Initial Discovery Session and let us see whether I am the perfect Coach for you to become your BEST

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Mindset Coaching Packages

-Face to face (not available in Lockdown)


Online Initial session: R299 once-off


Follow Up sessions: R249 each billed monthly


–  DISCOUNTED Bundle of 10 Follow Up sessions: R225 each upfront payment (R2250)


COMING SOON: 21 Days to your STRONGER Mindset Video-Based Coaching Course. Journey with me for 10-20 minutes per day to become self-aware, deal with, break free & flow forward in your mindset, emotions & health.


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The time is NOW, no more Procrastinating, no more feeling Stuck, it’s TIME TO BECOME YOUR BEST !

initial discovery SESSION: R299 ONCE OFF


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