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Hayley Ryan

Hayley has been a Personal Trainer for 15yrs and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in human movement. Hayley is also a Certified Strength and Fitness trainer for Adolescents, a Running Coach, and has a certification in Nutrition & Life Coaching.

Hayley thrives on blending her experience & skills into innovative ways of training clients. She is passionate about Calisthenics (bodyweight training) & Primal Flow (natural primal flow movements) as she believes these two training methods express human movement in its purest form. Hayley coaches Functional Strength & Fitness, Calisthenics, Primal Flow and Core & Mobility at Sandown SWEAT. As well as Mindset Coaching  helping her clients to STRENGTHEN their Mindset.


“I have never worked with a more motivating personal trainer and I will never work with any other. You always put your clients first and always have their best interests at heart – you ROCK!” – Kim Anderson

“You’ve brought so much to my life both personally and fitness-wise” – Laurene Viljoen

“You are passionate, disciplined, genuine, trustworthy & wise”. – Megan Seymour

“You work with individuals, get them to own their abilities, and bring them out”. – Natalie Ritson

“You are an encouraging, committed, willing & determined Coach, I have fallen in love with exercise because of you”. – Louise Hawes

Megan Seymour

Megan has been in the fitness industry for 7 years. She specialises in Personal Training, is a Pilates instructor & Lynotherapist focusing intently on core strength, flexibility and rehabilitative movement.

LYNO is a method whereby the mobility of the fascia is assessed and released in order to restore natural movement patterns to the body. LYNO will help you better understand how the muscles in your body work and treatments will improve your movement, balance, flexibility and help alleviate pain. LYNO is a great way of preventing sports related and overcompensation injuries by making sure that all your muscles are balanced and working together.

Megan has a passion for helping people regain movement in areas of immobility caused from injuries old and new. Megan coaches Pilates, Functional Core Training & Functional Strength & Fitness at Sandown SWEAT, she is our Head of Pilates, Core & Rehab.

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